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    Do you want to have a realistic
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    Get a realistic perspective
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    And become the True person that you are...
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    Everything you needed in C-Complete
    A simple, secure and highly customizable process
    Easy tracking process through our unique Dashboard
    Well researched Ready to use Questionnaires
    Setting up Development Road maps with eases
    Easy navigation supported by a Tour
    System Generated Reports with comprehensive Consultant feedback

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What We Offer

Standardized Competency Based Questionnaires - for your various requirements


Wanting to identify potential leaders? Building a leadership pipeline? Based on various Leadership Development models and theories we have developed an exhaustive list of leadership competencies and elements to design your own questionnaire.


Drawing up specific development initiatives for your high power Sales force? Developing your Sales team in general into a high performance Sales Force? Drive Sales by identifying competency gaps and drawing up appropriate development roadmaps. C-Complete has a unique and exhaustive database of questions covering all critical aspects of Sales. You could use this questionnaire,or customize it to meet any specific development requirement of your Sales team.


Driving a Change initiative? Identifying Change champions? Use Change-Complete; the most exhaustive database of parameters regarding Change Management in organizations.


Want to grow a fair gender leadership pipeline? Want to assess the Leadership competencies of Women? WomenLead Complete has an exhaustive set of competencies related to Women Leadership. Use WomenLead Complete or customize as per your requirements to drive development of Women Leaders in the Organization.


Grappling with Project Management issues? Want to identify areas of improvement in the Project Management Team? Project-Complete has mapped all the critical elements along the Project Value Chain and based on the same, developed a comprehensive questionnaire to help ascertain areas of strengths and improvement in your Project Management Team. Using this instrument or customizing it to your specific requirements, you can drive Project Management competency in your organization and ensure steady growth in capability maturity.


Want to build a more effective management cadre? Assess the Managerial capability of your employees through ManagementComplete. Our General Management competency repository can be used to identify the development requirements in your staff. By selecting the appropriate competencies to suit your requirement, you will be able to help build those capabilities in your people and thus build the organization in the long run.


Where can I use C-Complete

C-Complete can be used by Trainers, Organisations, Coaches , Mentors and Consultants for a variety of purposes

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


For conducting the Training Needs Analysis for a group of employees or for the Enterprise; use the advanced analytics features to set-up trigger and filter criteria to 'laser focus' on requirements.

Leadership Development


Facilitating Leadership Development of individuals by identifying context specific development areas

Performance Appraisal


Using it as a part of Performance Management System(PMS) for obtaining feedback for performance appraisal of employees.



Provide specific feedback to make Coaching and Mentoring sessions more purposeful

Coaching and Mentoring


Provide specific feedback to make Coaching and Mentoring sessions more purposeful

What sets C-Complete apart from other similar Products and Services?

C-Complete distinguishes itself from other products available in the market place through a number of unique features and utilities.


Customize practically every aspect of your Multi Rater Feedback system - from Questionnaire design, Rating system, Group formation, Mails, Reminders

Pay as you Use

Facility to Pay as you Use without locking up your monies! Buy Credits to use C-Complete of your choice; buy as many Credits as you need depending on your group size.

Competency Definitions Databank

The Databank is a comprehensive repository of Competency definitions and elements useful for assessing competencies of Managers, Leaders, Women Leaders, Sales & Project Teams and Change Agents

Security Features

Various Security Features built in the portal enable the maintainence of complete confidentiality through the life-cycle of the process.

Mobile Ready

Critical parts of the application are now Android enabled, giving the additional flexibility and ease of roll-out for C-Complete

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