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Did you know that less than 10% of the College Students are employable?*

This is mostly because of the lack of soft-skills, also known as behavioral competencies

Do you want to know whether you possess the desired soft-skills?

Student Complete a unique tool that will help you assess your preparedness and help you prepare for these crucial skills

Student Complete benefits

The feedback you will receive here in a systematic and structured manner will help you develop self-awareness with respect to soft-skills which are needed to succeed in your career

Get feedback for each student; customize your grooming depending on individual needs

Position yourself as the Launchpad for successful professionals

Different roles need different competency profiles, use Feedback reports to fit the right set of skills in the right job roles.

Your path to SUCCESS!

*a 2013 study by Assocham (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) & a 2012 study by Aspiring minds

Why use Student Complete

Industry Aware


Gives you a taste of what the industry is looking for in its new recruits, the Softer Skills

Industry Ready


Prepares you better by giving you development inputs and ensures that you have the competencies that the industry seeks from you

Selection Aide


Establishing your behavioral competence to recruiters is easier with a Feedback Report in your hand

Quick Turnaround


With established behavioral competencies, you are a proven quick learner and get to be far more productive than others

Features & Benefits

Multi Rater

You get the feedback about yourself from the people you interact with every day – those who observe you and know your strengths and weaknesses


You get to set-up and invite friends completely on-line. It is easy to use


Your friends, family and others can use their Smart phones to give their feedback

Comprehensive Report

At the end of the process, you get a most comprehensive feedback report, which will give you and your future employer a basis to chart the future course

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