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Standardized Competency Based Questionnaire - for your various requirements

  • Lead-Complete
  • Wanting to identify potential leaders? Building a leadership pipeline? Based on various Leadership development models and theories we have developed an exhaustive listing of leadership competencies and elements to design your own questionnaire. You also have the provision of uploading your own rating instrument.

  • Sales-Complete
  • Drawing up specific development initiatives for your high power Sales force? Developing your Sales team in general? C-Complete has unique and exhaustive database of questions covering all critical aspects of Sales.You could use this questionnaire,or customize it to meet any specific development requirement of your Sales team.Drive Sales by identifying competency gaps and drawing up appropriate development roadmaps.

  • Change-Complete
  • Driving a Change initiative?Identify Change champions? Change is the one constant that managements have to deal with on a regular basis and success or failure of change initiatives is based on complex set of factors,key amongst which are the change agents.If you are in the process of driving change and identifying appropriate change champions and/or change adaptors,use Change Complete – the most exhaustive database of parameters regarding Change Management in organizations.

  • WomenLead-Complete
  • Identifying barriers to women leadership in organization?Wanting to grow a fair gender leadership pipeline?Research and Content team at C-Complete (a part of SimplifyMyTraining.com) has developed an exhaustive set of competencies related to Women Leadership and development of the same.Use our standard set or customize as per your requirements to drive development of leadership pipeline of women in the organization.

  • Project-Complete
  • Grappling with Project Management issues? Wanting to identify areas of improvement in Project Management?Project Complete has mapped all the critical elements along the Project Value chain and based on the same,developed a comprehensive questionnaire to help ascertain areas of strengths and improvement in your Project Management team.Using this instrument or customizing it to your specific requirements, you can drive Project Management competency in your organization and ensure steady growth in capability maturity.

  • Management-Complete
  • Assessing the Managerial capability in your employees?Wanting to build a more effective management cadre? The General management competency repository can be used to identify the managerial skills development requirements in your staff.By taking appropriate competencies to define your requirement, you will be able to help build those capabilities in your people which help the organization in the long run.

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